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Photos from Portable station demo

Photos from the Portable station demo

Portable Station Demo Saturday, September 13, 2014

As Members had clamoured for its return, we will once again offer the OARC Portable Station Demonstration where Ottawa area amateurs have the opportunity to show off their portable stations in a relaxed and pleasant setting. Scheduled for Saturday, September 13 between 10 am and noon in the Gazebo area of Britannia Park (we are back at our original site), you are welcome to come out,admire the handiwork of other amateurs as they operate their portable stations. You are more than welcome to take the key, microphone or keyboardand add a "new one" to your list of contacts. Perhaps you have a portable station of your own and would like to gain significant prestige points andadmiration of visitors and OARC Members alike. You are therefore more than welcome to grab one of the many picnic tables that are available and operate your own station. Set up will begin at 9 am.Greg/VE3YTZ

Photos from OARC 2014 Field Day

OARC 2014 Field Day Moves to New Site

Our search for a new Field Day site is over! We are now booked at the Corkery Community Centre in the west end of Ottawa (3447 Old Almonte Rd, Ottawa) for the weekend of June 28-29. The site has some significant advantages compared to our previous site including a building, a covered eating area, picnic tables, washrooms and a kitchen.Here is the site's location and here is the Corkery Community Centre website:All club members and guests are invited to participate. We begin set up at about 10 am Saturday, and will start operating at 2 pm through until 2 pm Sunday. Take-down is from 2-4 on Sunday. You are welcome to operate, visit and join us for meals served at 1 pm Saturday, 6 pm Saturday and noon Sunday. If you are able to contribute any equipment, please use the equipment spread sheetor you may contact Arthur Smith (VA3BIT) atva3bit AT arc DOT ca. His number is 613-795-1154 is case you wish to call him with questions. 73 Greg/VE3YTZ OARC Field Day Representative

Next OARC Meeting March 14, 2018 at 7:30pm - Ron McFadyen VE3YXY "Building Linked Repeaters Above 7000 Feet" in the Colonel By Room at Ottawa City Hall