Field Day

Field Day 2017

Date: June 24, 25 2017
Setup time: 10:00AM (local) Saturday
Contest time: 2pm Saturday to 2pm Sunday. (local)

This year we are running a joint operation with the OVMRC. It looks like we will be going in as a 4A setup. Also, the OVMRC will be convening a Field Day planning meeting for the combined OVMRC/OARC Field Day operation at the Aviation Museum, Monday June 12 at 7 pm. The combined Field Day site will be at the RCMP camp near the Long Island.

Please contact the executive (executive AT for more information.

Next OARC Meeting March 14, 2018 at 7:30pm - Ron McFadyen VE3YXY "Building Linked Repeaters Above 7000 Feet" in the Colonel By Room at Ottawa City Hall