2023-06-14 OARC Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, June 14, 2023 @ 7:30 PM ET

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Meeting details

Under the club’s constitution, we must hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM) by the end of the club’s fiscal year. The last few AGMs were moved to December in hopes that COVID restrictions would be gone. This meeting will be held as part of the June regular member’s meeting, as it had been done before COVID.

Currently the City of Ottawa has informed us that a room is not likely to be available, so this AGM will be a Zoom meeting. Once the business portion of the meeting has concluded, there will be one or more presentations.

The main order of business is to elect the executive for 2023-24.

The current president will address the attendees, the membership director will present a membership report, and the treasurer will present the club’s financial statements. Other items of business may also be discussed and voted upon if needed.

Candidates needed!

For the OARC to run properly, we need people to step up and fill the executive positions. You can see full details at https://oarc.net/executive/ . Some of the incumbents are prepared to stay on, but all are willing to step back and let someone else fill their position.

Position Incumbent Callsign Willing to stay on?
PresidentEd StrangeVA2XCYes
Past PresidentDave ScobieVE3BOWYes
Vice PresidentGreg DanylchenkoVE3YTZNo
SecretaryGlenn MacDonellVE3XRAYes
TreasurerDaniel BouletVA3GLBYes
Groundwave (bulletin) editorvacant
Repeater and technical chairHarrie JonesVE3HYSYes
Director 1Ed SichVE3WGOYes
Director 2Arthur SmithVY2BITNo
Director 3Jeff GreenVE3WWJYes
Membership chairRick RuschmeierVE3IMNNo
Website chairNeil HerberVE3PUENo
ISED Delegated ExaminerMike KellyVE3FFKYes
Hamfest/fleamarket chairEd SichVE3WGOYes
Radio in the Park (RITP) chairArthur SmithVY2BITNo

Please email executive@oarc.net if you wish to nominate yourself or someone else for any of the positions. Of course, these are not sink or swim positions. You would have complete support from the other members of the executive as you acclimatize.

Post-election presentation on YOTA

After the election is concluded, Roger VA3EGY will present an update on the YOTA Camp coming to Ottawa July 2023.


Please join us for this important meeting. Registered website users will receive an email with information on how to join the meeting. If you are not a registered website user, you WILL NOT receive the email notice.

Non-members are always welcome. Please send a request to meetings@oarc.net and ask for an invitation. Or even better, register at https://oarc.net/register/ and you will receive all OARC notices automatically.

Please note that only members in good standing are eligible to vote.

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