April Meeting: Homebrew Night


Come on down and show your handiwork for fun, prizes and the respect and admiration of your ham radio compatriots.

The most fun part of Homebrew night is in the sharing of your projects, so please come down and show your friends what you have been working on.  While there are some very inspiring tinkerers in the club, all homebrewing is welcome. 

The submissions are scored according to these criteria:

OARC Home Brew Scoring Sheet Guidelines
Originality (30%)
  • 10 – not original, circuits and applications in most amateur publications, kits, existing software.
  • 20 – modifications to published circuits and applications, modify existing software, modifications and additions to kits.
  • 30 – new original concept and/or application, little or no info in most amateur publications, develop new software, mathematical calculations, not a kit.
Complexity (30%)
  • 10 – simple, few parts/components, dimensions, layout and lead lengths not very critical or easily measured, multimeter instrumentation, make in a day or less.
  • 20 - fair number of parts/components, chassis, circuit board, some attention to dimensions, layout and lead lengths, simple software program, use vswr meter, signal generators etc., construction time between one day and a week.
  • 30 – relatively large number of parts/components, one or more circuit boards, critical layout, dimensions, write and debug software programs, more advanced instrumentation, time more than a week.
Craftsmanship (15%)
  • 5 – very simple tools, crudely constructed
  • 10 – more advanced tools, nicely constructed
  • 15 – beautifully made, clean, labeled.
Presentation (15%)
  • 5 – short or rambling presentation, few details or explanation.
  • 10 – reasonable explanation about item, how it works and was constructed.
  • 15 - very well thought out short and concise description of how item was developed and constructed, hand out information available.
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