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QRP demonstration

On Saturday Sept 17 we will operating by 10 am and until noon.Come on out and see Bob, the QRPers and the OARC members show-offtheir stations. perhaps they will hand you the key/mike and let youmake a few QSO as well. If you happen to have a portable station,don't hesitate to bring it along and set up. Set-up will start at 9 am.We will be operating in the gazebo in Britannia park. Come in via Greenview ave.

OARC Hamfest 2011 photos

Initial photos of the 2011 Hamfest

Mike Kelly, VE3FFK appointed to the National Field Organization Secretariat

RAC Bulletin 2011-016E - Mike Kelly, VE3FFK appointed to the National Field Organization Secretariat2011-06-21I am very pleased to introduce the latest addition to the RAC National Field Organization Secretariat

Special Event Station VY1T - Whitehorse

Special Event station VY1T operated by VY1EI will be on the air from Whitehorse June 29, 2011 to July 1, 2011 for the Grand Opening of the Aeradio Exhibit at the Teslin Historical and Museum Society in Teslin, YT

OARC Hamfest Request for Volunteers

Volunteers are required for the 14th annual OARC Hamfest and Forum, scheduled for Sept

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