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OARC RAC Winter Contest Claimed Score

Dave Green, OARC RAC Winter Contest Team Captain, compiled our results, here is his summary:Total QSOs: 756Total points: 3528Total multipliers: 58Final Score: 204,624Compared to last year, there were some obvious differences:While the CW QSO count held steady, the SSB count dropped by 174,Total multipliers dropped from 79 to 58, final score dropped from 368,772 to 204,624,80 m CW QSO count jumped this year from 71 to 129, 20 m SSB crashed, down from 200 to 84 QSOs.15 m was a disaster, CW dropping from 43 to 8, and SSB dropping from 75 to 3 QSOs,10 m was also dead, CW dropping from 30 to 0 and SSB from 18 to 2 QSOs.Multipliers on 20, 15 and 10 m were down a total of 22.As is evident, the sunspot cycle is taking its toll on the upper bands suggesting that next year we will have to focus more carefully on 80 through 20 m.We had an excellent turn out of OARC Members this year, despite the snow. We also had two new participants who made a big dent in our performance: Jeremy VA3ZTF and Carl VE3CZN blasted out a ton of QSOs on 40 and 80 m phone. A special thanks to Nick VE3OWV for putting us up at Canada's Cold War Museum's Amateur Radio Station again this year. Nick has been instrumental in helping organize the antennas and the operating conditions at VE3CWM.Also thanks goes to Helen, the operational manager at the museum for her assistance in arranging our extended hours access.The OARC is indebted to the management and staff of the Diefenbunker Museum without whose assistance entry into the RAC Winter Contest from this incredible location would not be possible.Dave Green/VE3TLY

VE3CWM and the RAC Winter Contest 2016

The RAC Winter Contest is almost upon us. Most of the important preparations are complete and we should be ready to produce lots of RF on Saturday, Dec. 17 from Canada's Cold War Museum, more commonly known as the Diefenbunker. We will be using the VE3CWM call sign and we will be on the air from approximately 1300 hours UTC (0900 hours EST) and until the end of the contest 2359 hours UTC (1859 hours EST) We will also be operating Friday evening from 0000 hours UTC (1900 hours EST) from several locations in downtown Ottawa. If you cannot come out to the Diefenbunker on Saturday, we welcome contacts on any bands, but particularly on 2 and 6 metres and especially from Quebec. We will use the following VHF frequencies: 2 m - 146.550 FM, 144.250 USB, 144.180 CW 6 m - 52.525 FM, 50.150 USB, 50.090 CWWe will monitor 146.550 FM and 50.150 USB in case you wish to establish a schedule with us. We will be on the air until approximately 0300 hours UTC (2200 hours EST)73 and Happy Holidays from the OARC Winter Contest Team Dave Green/VE3TLY, Contest Capitan

Annual Mini Flea Market and Christmas Party

Come on out on December 14th for the Mini Flea Market and Christmas Party. This is a chance to clear out your old gear and make room for the new goodies you’re expecting from Santa! Bring any gear you’d like to sell or give away, and a wallet full of cash for the gear you’d like to buy from other members. Everyone who attends is eligible for a chance at the many door prizes that will be drawn throughout the evening, including gift certificates to a popular commercial vendor. To keep the trading floor hopping, we’ll be serving coffee, juice and water along with assorted Christmas baking. Spouses or sweethearts and other guests are welcome to attend. The meeting starts at its usual 7:30 pm, in the Colonel By Room. For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Janice Neelands or Margaret Tidman at call sign at RAC. Hope to see you there!Janice Neelands, VA3PAXMargaret Tidman, VA3VXN

CFRA Transmitter Site Tour

The OARC is having a mini field trip! We are getting a guided tour of the CFRA transmitter site near Manotick.Date: Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 1300H EasternWe are going to meet at the site 5630 Prince of Wales Drive, Kars, ON K0A 2E0 (https://goo.gl/maps/E8Zk6kRx1yv).There is room to park in the field or you may park on the shoulder of Prince of Wales.

November 2016 Meeting Location

We were unable to get any rooms at Ottawa City Hall in November since they were all taken. So, the November 9th OARC meeting location will be held at Makerspace North.

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