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Ontario NVIS Event

Members of the Peel ARC are organizing an NVIS event in South-Eastern Ontario to practice using NVIS techniques for short-to-medium-range HF communications.

Slides for VE3KL's Field Day Antennas and EMI

The slides from VE3KL's November OARC presentation about Field Day antennas and EMI "Lessons Learned" and some tricks for operating multiple co-located stations are now available at http://ve3kl.com/index_htm_files/OARC_FieldDay_Oct2016.pps

Hamfest and portable station demo photos

2016 HamfestPortable station demo

Portable Station Demonstration 2016 - is a Go!

If you attended any of the last few OARC meetings you may have heard discussions concerning the planned and ever popular portable station demonstration. Well we’re good to go!Here are all the details:Date: Saturday September 17, 2016 (The Saturday after Hamfest.)Time: set-up 9:00 am; station demonstrations: 10:00 am to noon; tear down: noon to 1 pmPlace: Gazebo area of Andrew Haydon Park (Note: We were there last year. It’s a nice location)Here is a link to the location:https://goo.gl/maps/bpR1Ru2NMTC2 See you there.

2016 Hamfest

OARC 2016 HamfestAd for 2016 OARC Hamfest

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