D-STAR symposium

On Saturday 27th November, 2010 there will be the First Ottawa D-STAR Symposium, on at Ottawa Carleton University, in the Room 4124 in the Mackenzie Building. The event is organized by the Ottawa Amateur Radio Digital Group. Free Parking will be available in parking lot P2$ off Campus Avenue, (for building and lot location see http://www2.carleton.ca/campus/).

There are some seats available and so you are cordially invited to register if you would like to attend. Please confirm by email to Rick Bandla (VE3CVG) at ve3cvg@gmail.com , stating that you wish to attend.

The Symposium will start at 1000hrs sharp, and will continue until at least 1500hrs.

The event is free. With facilities being kindly provided by the Dept. of Electronics and on-the-day assistance from Carleton University Amateur Radio Club.

Drinks are permitted in the room and water and soft drinks will be available at a small charge. There will be a 30 minute break at about 1200hrs. Food for lunch is available to purchase at the nearby University Centre. There is no smoking in the buildings but it is permitted outside, away from the doorways, at designated areas.

Sorry, there will be no seating for those who have not pre-registered. Name tags will be available at the door.

While the agenda is not firm at this time, the following is representative: Welcome and Introductions - VA3STL and VE3CVG D-STAR Past, Present, Future - VE3EI The VA3ODG System - VE3CVG - where we are and issues DVAPs, Dongles and HotSpots - M0GRU or VE3CVG Break (5 min) The Spaghetti Bowl - FreeStar, USTrust, NI-STAR, ircDDB, G4ULF - VE3CVG, VA3OMP, others Lunch Break (30min) ID1 and High Speed Data - VA3YH D-RATs -VA3STL DPRS - VA3KS Break (5 min) About YMCA About Almonte VA3AAR Existing Projects Project Opportunities Where do we go from here? RSVP - Alan (VA3STL), Rick (VE3CVG) We look forward to seeing you at this event. 73 Alan, VA3STL

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