December Meeting Festivities


Come on out on December 10th for the Mini Flea Market and Christmas Party. This is a chance to clear out your old gear and make room for the new goodies you’re expecting from Santa!Bring any gear you’d like to sell or give away, and a wallet full of cash for the gear you’d like to buy from other members. Everyone who attends is eligible for a chance at the many door prizes that will be drawn throughout the evening, including gift certificates to the popular commercial vendors. To keep the trading floor hopping, we’ll be serving decaf coffee, juice and water along with assortedChristmas goodies. Spouses, sweethearts and other guests are welcome to attend. The meeting starts at its usual 7:30 pm, in the Richmond Room. For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at call sign at RAC. Hope to see you there!Janice NeelandsVA3PAX
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