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With the month of June upon us, it’s time to start thinking about the annual OARC Field Day activity. For those who don’t know, Field Day is the single most popular on-the-air event held annually in the US and Canada.  This year Field Day is on June 23 starting at 2 PM and ending on June 24 at 2 PM when more than 35,000 radio amateurs will gather with their clubs to operate under field conditions.


The OARC has historically participated in Field Day, most recently as a 2 Alpha station using our Club call - VE3RC. One transmitter is devoted to phone; the other to CW (i.e. Morse code). This year, as permitted by FD rules, we will also operate VHF and GOTA Stations.


In 2018 we have kindly been given permission to set up at Scouts Headquarters at 1345 Baseline Road Rd. Ottawa. An on-line map can be found under the Field Day tab on the Home Page. We thank Scouts Canada very much for the use of their property. In appreciation, the OARC will make a donation in support of Scouts Canada activities.


A group of members interested in achieving a successful Field Day have agreed to arrive on Friday, June 22 at noon to do a preliminary set-up, with the major focus on antennas and feedlines. Shelters and the balance of the set up will be done on Saturday starting at 10 AM.


All who are interested in helping out are welcome to join us and lend a hand. When it comes to radio operations the goal will be to have sufficient antennas on the best bands given current propagation while keeping interference between stations to a minimum. 


Hope to see you out for the OARC Field Day June 23 and 24.


OARC 2018 Field Day Committee


VE3KL and VE3FFK checking for noise on the Ham Bands at Scouts Canada HQ, May 2018.

VE3KL and VE3FFK checking for noise on the Ham Bands at Scouts Canada HQ, May 2018.


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