Last meeting February 14

Highlights of last meeting February 14, 2018

Douglas King receiving the 2017-2018 Joe Norton award

Douglas King VE3YDK (left) receiving the 2017-2018 Joe Norton award from Glenn, VE3XRA

A short discussion was held on the last Canadian Ski Marathon with Amateur radio operators stepping in at the last minute to handle a commercial digital system but finding their amateur radio gear worked better when it snowed. 

A free beginning morse code course with a followup course (TBD later) will begin as a joint project with the OVMRC. There was plenty of sufficient interest from the OARC meeting to start, possibly as early as the last week of February 2018. Email db _AT_ for details.

There was not much interest in doing a Pixie II build session but again email db _AT_ if you are interested.

Dave Conn VE3KL gave a talk on helping a blind ham using an Arduino to simply a complex menu system.

Dave Conn VE3KL.

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