Minutes of September 9, 2020 meeting


Ottawa Amateur Radio Club September Zoom meeting during Covid-19 Pandemic September 9, 2020 19:38 Meeting started by President Dave VE3BOW

  • Announcements (Dave VE3BOW)
  • (Arthur VA3BIT) Radio in the Park / ARDF Fox Hunt in Walter Baker Park will be held Saturday, September 19, from 9am to 5pm. Roger VA3EGY will be making presentations to his ARDF stakeholders, ie, the IEEE, Scouts, Christie Lake Kids and Ottawa Orienteering Club from 9am to 1:30pm. Roger will welcome hams to take part in the Fox Hunting from 1:30pm to 5pm. Roger will be using the picnic shelter for his presentations. Arthur pointed out that hams who want to operate portable should expect to do so outside the picnic shelter and may do so from 9am to 5pm. The area has been busy with families and kids during recent weekends, so hams should arrive early and be prepared to bring their own operating table and chairs. Due to Covid-19, we will not be gathering for breakfast prior to the event. Bring your own lunch, snacks and drinks as they will not be provided.
  • Carp Hamfest, normally scheduled for this coming Saturday, is cancelled due to Covid.
  • Greg VE3YTZ is now our Treasurer, so we need a new Vice President. If you'd like to volunteer, please contact any executive member. 
  • OARC membership for the upcoming year is free! Please check our website at oarc.net for more information. Diane VA3DB, our webmaster, has spent considerable time recently overhauling our website and you should now be able to log in and update your profile and membership. 
  • Greg received notification from the City of Ottawa that stated that the club will not have access to City Hall for in-house meetings until at least January 2021. 
  • Preliminary results for the RAC Winter Contest 2019 are in...361,728 points for the members of OARC/VRG that operated in the Diefenbunker as VA3RAC last December!
  • Norm VE3LC OVMRC's first meeting of the new year will be held next Wednesday, September 16. A Zoom invitation will be sent to the usual participants. For anyone not receiving the Zoom invitation, please contact Norm at ve3lc@rac.ca to get the contact details.
  • Glenn VE3XRA The RAC AGM will be held on Sunday, September 20 featuring an interactive mini-conference during the morning with the AGM held in the afternoon. Morning presentation topics include a talk about ham radio during Covid, a short history of ham radio in Canada, DXpeditions, STEM and more! Also covered, en francais, is a possible entry level license below Basic. The RAC AGM business meeting will be held in the afternoon. Arthur VA3BIT asked how IC/ISED feels about an entry level license. Glenn replied that RAC is still in discussions with stakeholders how an entry license might be structured in Canada, and has yet to approach ISED. Tim VE3TXB: Wondering whether another advanced virtual course would be offered by RAC. Glenn said there would be, and details will be on the RAC website. Mike VE3MKX: has a recording of the net on Sunday in which Norm's QRP signal was heard loud and clear; Mike will make the recording available to Norm.
  • Presentation Greg introduced Ian, our long serving editor of the Groundwave. Prior to being Groundwave editor, Ian was the club Secretary. Ian is an electrical engineer and has been a ham for many years.
  • Spilsbury and the SBX-11A SSB Transceiver: The Iconic HF Radio of the North by Ian Jeffrey VE3IGJ A Canadian radio legend used extensively by mining companies as well as the Canadian military, the SBX-11A is a portable, low power SSB transceiver developed in Canada by Spilsbury & Tindall in Vancouver Ian proceeded to entertain us all with Jim Spilsbury's fascinating biography with how he got into radio design and construction, culminating with the SBX-11A. The SBX-11 and its successor, the SBX-11A, were solid-state transceivers sold in Canada from 1970 to 1984. Spilsbury died in 2003. Spilsbury's company was sold to Racal Canada in 1984. Matthew Kendall, a former employee of Racal Canada, has published a website dedicated to the transceiver: sbx-11a. Locally, a group headed by Stuart VE3SMF operates and maintains the SBX-11A. Questions? Norm VE3CZI: The two books about Spilsbury and his transceiver are fascinating. Norm has some information on Spilsbury and the SBX-11A, including Spilsbury literature at his website rodemi.com Stuart VE3SMF: Expressed his appreciation for Ian's detailed presentation. Stuart made use of the radio during the time he spent in Canada's north, where he said they are still in use. The radios are used at relatively low frequencies on the order of 5-8MHz with antennas in NVIS orientation. Stuart further commented that the QRP Society will also be operating from Rideau River Provincial Park on September 19, and suggested if anyone operating during the Radio in the Park event hears them, please respond!
  • Dave VE3BOW, with the help of his archery neighbour, has erected a G5RV at the cottage he's staying at north of Maniwaki, and would welcome skeds to chat on 80m.
  • Mike VE3MKX expressed his appreciation for Ian's presentation and recommended several antennas for use with the SBX-11A. A discussion on finding crystals for the radio ensued. Stuart pointed out that synthesizers are also available. Meeting ended at 20:58.
  • Thanks to Harrie VE3HYS for use of his Zoom subscription.
  • Minutes taken by VA3BIT.
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