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This was the 11th activation of the Diefenbunker in the Canada Winter Contest. We all had lots of fun on the air, and chatting with visitors who passed by. This year we operated as VA3RAC, a call sign that always seems to generate much interest judging from the number of pile-ups we ran into.

The claimed results presented here are subject to the usual checking and verification from the contest organizers. Final results will be posted on the RAC website and in TCA.

The numbers:

QSOs 986
Multipliers 64
Claimed Score 301,056

For those interested in statistics:

- the 15 and 10 m bands were in the doldrums again this year. No surprise there.
- we scored 27 QSOs on 160 m CW. That far exceeds our previous best of 11 in 2012.
- we scored 138 QSOs on 80 m phone. This far exceeds 105 from 2010 and demonstrates why we went to so much trouble installing the remote 80/40/20 multiband.
- we had our 2nd best year ever on 40 m phone with 264 QSOs. Last year was the best with 379.
- this was our 2nd best year for phone QSOs with 554, compared to 687 last year, our best.
- this was our 3rd best year for multipliers, 64 vs 79 in 2015 - even though we're almost at the bottom of the sunspot cycle...
- this was our 2nd best year for total QSOs, 986.

A special thanks to Nick VE3OWV for his assistance and support in all aspects of the preparations, including the antenna adventures. Thanks to Dave VE3KL, Mike VE3FFK and Nick VE3OWV for the many hours spent in the wind, rain, and sleet installing antennas and with all the gear preparations. Thanks too to Hunter VE3HVB for his help with the antennas. All this background work really does make a difference.

As usual comments, questions and suggestions for the future are welcome. I hope to see you all in the next Canada Winter Contest on December 28 2019.

73 Dave VE3TLY

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