Ottawa Amateur Radio Club - Field Day 2021


We have good news! We have emerged from the latest COVID-19 lockdown and have received permission from the City of Ottawa to operate Field Day (FD) from our usual site at the Corkery Community Centre (3447 Old Almonte Rd, Ottawa, ON). There is a link to a map. ( However, we will have to respect the COVID-19 social distancing rules and limit the numbers on the site at any one time.

Those of you who participated in the club’s June Zoom meeting would have heard that a small group has begun to coalesce around the cause. For those who are interested, we will be setting up antennas and feed lines this Friday morning at 10 am (June 25, 2021) and the balance of the set-up will occur Saturday morning starting about 10 am. The aim is to be up and running by 2 pm Saturday. We will operate 24 hours and then tear down beginning at 2 pm Sunday.

We are uncertain whether we will be operating as a 2A (our usual) or 1A, like last year. This will depend largely on the amount of interest shown by members. As this will be a slimmed-down version of our usual FD, we won’t be able to enjoy meals together, though we will have water, access to washrooms, outdoor shelter and picnic tables. Bring your own picnic meals.

If you are interested in helping with set-up, tear-down or operating (any mode), please email me to VE3YTZ at

Even if you are not comfortable coming out to the OARC site, you may wish to operate your own station, using your own call sign. This would most probably be a 1D (home station, commercial power). There are a variety of classes of operation, and you should check the ARRL Field Day Rules for 2021. However, please attribute your points to the “Ottawa ARC” when you submit your logs to the ARRL. For this, the second year only, a D station can work other D stations. Normally, this is not allowed. Power limitations on D stations have been imposed this year.

However you decide to spend your Field Day, enjoy the weekend!

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