OARC members operated in the 2015 Winter RAC Contest


OARC members operated from Canada's Cold War Museum, also known as the Diefenbunker, using the call sign VE3CWM. As Dave Green (VE3TLY), Contest Captain explained: "the 2015 activation of VE3CWM is our best yet from the Diefenbunker." A quick summary of the claimed results are:

QSOs 927
Multipliers: 79
Total Score: 368,772

By far the most active bands in 2015 were 20m phone (200 QSOs), 20m CW (189) and 40m phone (178).

To put things into perspective, here is a comparison with the OARC's previous best results:

QSOs 967 [2012]
Multipliers 65 [2014]
Total Score 320,670 [2012]

Thanks are due to the management and staff at the Diefenbunker who agreed to open the facility well beyond regular hours to accommodate us. Photos are by VE3YTZ.

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