OARC Operators needed for VA3RAC - Dec. 31

RAC Contest 2016 at Diefenbunker

As you may know OARC will be operating from the Diefenbunker for the RAC Canada Winter Contest on Saturday Dec 30 using the special VA3RAC call.

It turns out that we also have the use of that call for Sunday Dec 31.
In order to maximize the amount of fun for OARC members, any of our members can use the callsign subject to the following procedure:

1) Before noon local on Friday Dec 29, send an email to Mike, (ve3ffk AT gmail dot com) stating what UTC time, band(s) and mode(s) you want to use the call on Sunday. Don't hog the slots, sign up only for those you will actually use.

2) Shortly after 1PM Local time on Friday, Mike will email all of you
with the requested operating slots. This email will come from (ve3ffk AT winlink dot org). If, on Sunday you want to add or drop operating slots, send an email to everyone on the email list.
This should prevent two people operating on the same band and mode at the same time. Note that Sunday operating time is in UTC, i.e. 7PM Sat to 7PM Sun.

3) Please note that logs must be submitted to RAC and to exec in
cabrillo or adif format. Contact Mike VE3FFK for details.

Let's send the special call sign out with a bang!
Happy New Year

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