RAC Winter Contest 2009

This year the RAC Winter Contest was scheduled for Dec. 18 and 19. The day before the contest Dave VE3TLY and Mike VE3FFK met with Nick VE3OWV at the Diefenbunker to add a temporary 20 m dipole in time for the contest. Nick is a regular volunteer at the Diefenbunker. On Saturday, Mike VE3FFK, Ian VE3IGJ, Al VE3ZTU, Greg VE3YTZ and Dave VE3TLY operated VE3CWM for the RAC Winter Contest from the Diefenbunker. We operated phone and CW on 20, 40 and 80 m and phone on 15 m. Apart from having a lot of fun, we logged 353 QSOs, and earned a total score of 51,832 points. Many thanks to Nick VE3OWV and Brian VE3UU for all the help. Photos here.

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