Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour


Support of the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour (RLCT) will again require many talented, volunteer radio operators to help out on the weekend of June 8 and 9, 2013. If you can volunteer for one or both days, or lend equipment to another licensed amateur, please contact us. If you know another ham who would be interested in volunteering for this event, please consider relaying this message to them. The cycle tour is organized by the Ottawa Bicycle Club (OBC) and runs from Ottawa to Kingston on the Saturday, returning to Ottawa on the Sunday. The RLCT originally began in 1972 and, today, typically involves over 2000 cyclists. Fixed and mobile amateur radio communications assist the event to efficiently coordinate repair and relief vehicles across the entire 177 km course to help keep the cyclists safe and happy (and to remind the public about how magical radio can be when used correctly). Communication support for this event is provided collaboratively via three neighbouring Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) groups, namely: Frontenac County ARES, Lanark-North Leeds ARES and Ottawa ARES/Emergency Measures Radio Group (EMRG). Essential repeater and equipment support is also graciously provided by several other local amateur radio clubs and radio volunteers come from all over to help out. The time commitment for radio operators working on the Ottawa leg of the course is expected to be about 5 to 7 hours on Saturday and again on Sunday (if you can only volunteer for one of those days, we would still appreciate your help). The Ottawa section of the course is to be comprised of 10 checkpoints, provided there are enough radio volunteers. There is also a need to place a radio operator in each of the 4 mobile rental vehicles and provide them free overnight accommodation in Kingston. Basic recommended equipment for this event is: a 50 Watt 2-metre transceiver with CTCSS and instruction manual and a 5/8-lambda magnetic-mount omni-directional mobile antenna (or equivalent). For some checkpoints, a small 15-foot mast is desirable to reach some Ottawa-based VHF repeaters. Newcomers to the event are also most welcome and mentoring will be available. Don't own your own radio yet? If you are a licensed amateur, keen to help, we will strive to make sure that you won't miss out on the fun due to a lack of radio equipment. Please contact Gord Mein VE3FRB or Tyler Tidman VA3DGN for details, or to lend your support to the team and help make this event a success.
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