VA3RAC Canada Winter Contest Report - Most Ever Contacts

cw crew 2017 RAC winter contest

Dave Green/VE3TLY has submitted the OARC log for the 2017 RAC Winter Contest.This is his report:

The results this year are for the most part the best we've ever achieved from the Diefenbunker. For example:

total QSOs: 1312 vs. 967 in 2012
total points: 5870 vs 5090 in 2012
max QSOs in one band: 635 on 40 m, vs 389 on 20 m in 2015

Due to diminished band conditions, traffic was very light on 15 and 10 m so our multiplier count, 61 was well below our maximum of 79 in 2015, but we can blame that on the propagation gods.
Our final score 358,070 was only slightly lower than our all-time high of 368,772 in 2015. Please note that these are preliminary numbers. Final results will have to wait for a review by the contest managers. In summary, I think we have every reason to be very pleased, particularly since our prime role this year was to hand out the VA3RAC call sign. We succeeded in spades!

Thanks to everyone who came by to help out. We had a total of 13 operators; a great turn out which helped share the load. We had a few visiting operators including Jamie VE3UBJ and Lawrence VA5LD/VE3LGD. If you read the latest RAC-Bulletin, you will note that we will likely be seeing more of Lawrence in the months to come. Welcome aboard.

I wanted to thank Mike VE3FFK, Dave VE3KL and Glenn VE3XRA for their help with gear preparation. Thanks too to Greg CF3GD (aka VE3YTZ) for help with handling the treats and snacks that we were all able to enjoy, and to Brian VE3UU for helping to "grease the wheels" at the Diefenbunker (and for the 15, 10, 6 and 2 m multipliers!!!).

We also owe a very special thank you to Nick Shepherd VE3OWV who helped enormously with the antennas and other gear preparations before the contest. Nick showed remarkable reserve as we tore apart his antenna configuration in the run-up to the contest! Not to worry, we helped put it all back together again after it was over. ;-)

Thanks too to Helen and Liz at the Bunker for their enthusiastic support. It was very much appreciated.

I hope we can do it all over again next year: mark your calendars for Dec. 29 2018.

73 Dave VE3TLY

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