VE3CWM and the RAC Winter Contest 2016

The RAC Winter Contest is almost upon us. Most of the important preparations are complete and we should be ready to produce lots of RF on Saturday, Dec. 17 from Canada's Cold War Museum, more commonly known as the Diefenbunker. We will be using the VE3CWM call sign and we will be on the air from approximately 1300 hours UTC (0900 hours EST) and until the end of the contest 2359 hours UTC (1859 hours EST) We will also be operating Friday evening from 0000 hours UTC (1900 hours EST) from several locations in downtown Ottawa. If you cannot come out to the Diefenbunker on Saturday, we welcome contacts on any bands, but particularly on 2 and 6 metres and especially from Quebec. We will use the following VHF frequencies: 2 m - 146.550 FM, 144.250 USB, 144.180 CW 6 m - 52.525 FM, 50.150 USB, 50.090 CWWe will monitor 146.550 FM and 50.150 USB in case you wish to establish a schedule with us. We will be on the air until approximately 0300 hours UTC (2200 hours EST)73 and Happy Holidays from the OARC Winter Contest Team Dave Green/VE3TLY, Contest Capitan

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