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The OARC executive consist of a board of 7 directors elected annually by the members at the Annual General Meeting, namely:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Three (3) directors at large

The immediate past president is a member of the board, bringing the total to 8 directors.

The board also appoints two additional directors (for a total of 10) namely:

  • Editor of the club bulletin
  • Chair of the repeater committee

Other appointed committee chairs are NOT board members. However, members of the board can also serve as committee chairs or members.

Ottawa Amateur Radio Club Board Members 2023-2024

Position Name Callsign Email
PresidentEd StrangeVA2XCpresident@oarc.net
Past PresidentDave ScobieVE3BOWpastpresident@oarc.net
Vice Presidentvacantvp@oarc.net
SecretaryGlenn MacDonellVE3XRAsecretary@oarc.net
TreasurerDaniel BouletVA3GLBtreasurer@oarc.net
Groundwave (bulletin) editorvacant
Repeater and technical chairHarrie JonesVE3HYSrepeater@oarc.net
Director 1Ed SichVE3WGOhamfest@oarc.net
Director 2vacant
Director 3vacant

Ottawa Amateur Radio Club Committee Appointees 2023-2024

Position Name Callsign Email
Membership chairRick RuschmeierVE3IMNmembership@oarc.net
Website (pro tem)Neil HerberVE3PUEwebsite@oarc.net
ISED Delegated ExaminerMike KellyVE3FFKve3ffk_at_gmail.com
Hamfest/fleamarket chairEd SichVE3WGOhamfest@oarc.net
Radio in the Park (RITP) chair (pro tem)Arthur SmithVY2BITritp@oarc.net

Ottawa Amateur Radio Club By Law No. 1 – 1979-07-02

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