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ve3dni holds guyline

ve3ffk holds guyline

VE3TLY (David) giving VE3DNI (jean) the Homebrew People's choice award at the Field Day.

What's a Field Day without a generator?

Janice VA3PAX being treated for a serious cut.

The patient lived.

Intensity in the phone tent from VA3DGN

VHF beam

Mike VE3FFK checking generator.

Club central meetup for food, phone tent in background.

George Roach VE3BNO, getting around without cane.

Greg VE3YTZ working 6m at the OARC VE3RC field day 2011 www.oarc.net/fieldday

Jean VE3DNI and Mike VE3FFK, working cw in the cw trailer.