Radio in the Park

RITP crew from 2016?

What is RITP?

Radio in the Park (RITP) is an annual event sponsored by the OARC whose purpose is to demonstrate amateur radio equipment and communications ability to other hams and the general public in an outdoor setting. The OARC has held RITP for many years (under different names!) and we will be adding some history and photos of past RITPs to this page.

Originally called “The Portable Station Demo”, RITP was renamed when it started to include more than just portable stations. Recent RITPs have included so-called “fox hunts” (more accurately described as Amateur Radio Direction Finding or ARDF) with participation by the general public.

When and where?

RITP is held annually on the Saturday following the OARC Hamfest in a park somewhere in the Ottawa area. The City of Ottawa requires a reservation for an event of this type, so the location cannot be announced until the reservation is secured. Individual RITP event notices include dates, maps, and times.

Past RITPs

We will be adding links to photo galleries and write ups of past RITPs as time permits …

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