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The OARC Groundwave (the club bulletin) stopped publishing (temporarily, we hope) at the end of 2021. But many of the contributors still have a lot to say, so we decided to invite regular and guest “columnists” to contribute posts to this website. First to submit was Mike VE3FFK (thanks Mike!) and you can find his columns and those of the other authors by following the links below.

You too can become a columnist!

If you have some radio-related things to say, we would be glad to publish them here. You do not have to commit to a regular column, but it would be great if you could. For more info, or to submit an article, contact . (This contact address may change.)

OARC columnists

Mike VE3FFK (mk)

Mike Kelly VE3FFK was first licensed in 1970 and he has been an ISED accredited examiner since the early 1990s. For 30 years he was the “voice” of Admin2 in the Canadian Ski Marathon. He is a life member of Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC). He has written a regular column in the Groundwave for longer than he can remember.

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Dave Scobie VE3BOW was first licensed in 19xx. He is the current president of the OARC. He has no primary interests and as a result, finds himself involved in way more things that he can ever hope to finish.

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You V?????

You too can become an OARC columnist. Contact for more info or to submit an article.

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Neil Herber VE3PUE was first licensed in 1991. He is primarily interested in radio support for public service events and he created and maintains Hambone, a ham website. He also does some stuff on this site.

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