VE2CRA Repeaters

The club has three repeaters (VE2CRA) located in the Gatineau hills just north of Ottawa with a great view and footprint. We have two auxiliary receivers: one in downtown Ottawa and one in Sarsfield, Ontario.

View towards Ottawa from the repeater tower.

Analog repeaters

VHF: 146.940/146.340 100Hz CTCSS required
UHF: 443.300/448.300 100Hz CTCSS required

Digital repeater

As of 2022 a new DMR digital repeater is on the air.

  • Frequency: 444.400/449.400
  • Colour Code: 1
  • Time slot: 1 for BrandMeister
  • Time slot: 2 Talk Group 6 for the XLX196 Ottawa Valley Reflector
  • IRLP Node 2040 146.940/146.340 (VE2CRA/VE3RC)
  • (Code 411 for info)
  • (Code 204 for activity)
  • (Code 88 for time)

For further information please contact the Repeater Chair.

Note: The IRLP link is not connected to ECHOLINK. Please do not try to connect using the alpha keys on your keypad. It just confuses the operator.

A bit of repeater history from 2005