2021-12-08 OARC Annual General Meeting

Zoom Meeting on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 @ 7:30 PM ET

While normally the December meeting would be devoted to holiday festivities and celebration of our good fortune with friends, this year we must share some of this time with our Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the Executive for the next year will be confirmed and our budget reviewed. In the recent past, the AGM was held in June, but the Executive, ever optimistic, hoped for the end of the pandemic and a resumption of normal meetings. Of course, this never occurred and under the Club’s constitution, we must hold the AGM by the end of this year.

The main order of business is to present a slate of candidates, seek new expressions of interest for positions (vacant and occupied) and have the members confirm the executive for 2021-22. The slate of candidates to be presented at the AGM would hold office through to and including the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

The slate, as of December 6, is as follows:

  • President: Dave Scobie/VE3BOW
  • Vice-President: Greg Danylchenko/VE3YTZ
  • Secretary: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Keith Dysart/VE3TQY
  • Membership Chair/Director: Vacant
  • Hamfest Manager/Director: Ed Sich/VE3WGO
  • Director: Vacant

Not up for election, the following persons also form the Executive:

  • Past President: Diane Bruce/VA3DB
  • Technical and Repeater Chair: Harrie Jones/VE3HYS
  • Groundwave Editor: Vacant
  • Website Guru: Diane Bruce/VA3DB
  • Industry Canada Delegated Examiner: Mike Kelly/VE3FFK

As is quite clear, we are in need of persons interested in the positions of Secretary, Membership Chair/Director and Groundwave Editor. Taking up one of these vacant positions would be a great way for you to make a contribution back into the hobby you love so much and keep the OARC strong and vibrant even in these difficult COVID times. If you are interested in one of these positions, please email to Executive at OARC.net. Of course, these are not sink or swim positions. You would have complete support from the other members of the executive as you acclimatize.

The balance of the AGM would include a financial report from our new Treasurer, Keith Dysart/VE3TQY.

We wish to thank Arthur Smith/VY2BIT Secretary, Ian Jeffery/VE3IGJ Groundwave Editor and Tyler Tidman/VA3DGN Director for their service as they are stepping down from the Executive. Wish them all the best in their future amateur radio endeavours.

After the hard work, it’s time to let loose a little and enjoy each other’s company as we turn to the holiday festivities portion of the evening. We will have 4 prizes of $50 gift certificates from Radioworld to spend as you see fit.

Come out and join us for the AGM followed by holiday festivities on December 8, 2021, at 7:30 pm.

OARC members will receive an email with information on how to join the meeting.

Non-members are always welcome. Please send a request to EXECUTIVE at OARC.NET and ask for an invitation.

The AGM was recorded, and it will appear below once edited:

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