2023-06-24 ARRL/RAC Field Day

June 24 , 2023, 18:00 UTC to June 25, 2023, 20:59 UTC (setup June 23)

Field Day 2023 banner
Field Day 2023 crew LtoR: Roger VE7BZR, Greg VE3YTZ, Bill VA3WBR, Craig VE3OP, Rick VE3IHI, Alan VE3ZTU, Fern VA3LMA, Paul VE3ICV, Mike VE3FFK

What is Field Day?

Field Day is an operating event sponsored by the ARRL whose purpose is to demonstrate the communications ability of the amateur radio community in simulated emergency situations. To learn more about Field Day and the OARC, please see the Field Day information page.

OARC Field Day results for 2023

Editor’s note: Field Day 2023 has come and gone and Greg VE3YTZ has kindly provided a write up of the event. The original notice/invitation to the event appears below the results and photo gallery. Photos by Greg VE3YTZ and Mike VE3FFK.

Here is the final summary (with bonus points) for FD 2023. Our submission to the ARRL was completed on 2023-07-01.

Congratulations on a great effort all around. Many elements contributed to the success we had experienced. The powerful and dedicated CW team and Rick’s contribution to the effort with his purchase of the TS-590S and the time he put into making N1MM and WSJT-X play together are just some of the elements that made this work.

My sincere thanks to the FD 2023 Team!



Field Day 2023 results


The following individuals were involved in the station setup, operation, and tear down. Several visitors stopped by, some only very briefly, but unfortunately their names and calls were not recorded.

  • Craig Delmage VE3OP
  • Rick Furniss VE3IHI
  • Alan MacPhee VE3ZTU
  • Paul Coverdale VE3ICV
  • Dorothy Coverdale (XYL)
  • Mike Kelly VE3FFK
  • Bill Redmond VA3WBR
  • Dave Scobie VE3BOW
  • Martin Menard VA3EIC
  • Chris Charland VE3OXU
  • Greg Milley VE3ITB
  • Greg Danylchenko VE3YTZ
  • Fern Charlebois VA3LMA
  • Alex J. Killby
  • Roger Swickis VE7BZR


Photo gallery

OARC Field Day plans for 2023 CHANGED! (original notice)

We have some bad news, and we have some good news. The good news is that we have been able to secure a Field Day site. It will be at 3818 Harvestmoon Drive in Osgoode (see map below). We have accepted the kind offer of Dorothy and Paul Coverdale (VE3ICV) to use their home with a spacious lot. The bad news is that the Corkery Community Centre, where we have been located for the last few years, is a construction site as the building is being rebuilt. It promises to be an excellent location for 2024, but for 2023 it really is not useable.

There are certain ramifications of operating from someone’s home. We will have to operate as a Class D (mains power) or an E (emergency power, i.e. portable generator). Also, as we do not get a free VHF/UHF station, we will have to decide whether we will be either 2 or 3 transmitters. These decisions will have to be made in the next few weeks. As they are made, they will appear here on OARC.Net.

All this amounts to some significant changes to the OARC FD in 2023.

Volunteers of all sorts needed!

The volunteer button has been disabled

We are looking for volunteers to help set up, tear down, and operate.

Greg Danylchenko/CK3YTZ

OARC Field Day Busy Body

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3 thoughts on “2023-06-24 ARRL/RAC Field Day

  1. Again the Location is NO where near transportation . This is not a field day were the public has access as there is NO WAY for the public to get there . again this does NOT! promote the hobby “No Public Access” . this is a bunch of guys CAMPING . if this was setup for the public to view or to PROMOTE the hobby some one would have thought this out a LITTLE more or cared!. like i said this is not tailored as a PUBLIC VENUE or it would have been placed closer to the public to have public access Period . “No public access”
    ‘HAM RADIO CAMPING EVENT” . maybe next year some one will use common sense or change the title of the event to ‘HAM RADIO CAMPING EVENT” .

  2. We also fully realize that the distance to the current site is a negative. As a consequence, many hours were spent looking for a suitable downtown site after the ideal Main Street location became unavailable due to construction and development. We had teams fan out across the city looking at potential sites, including Ottawa City Hall, Carleton University, University of Ottawa, City Parks, Community Centres, Scout Headquarters and Canada Blood Services. Countless emails were also sent out, each resulting in a showstopper reply, sometimes only after numerous follow-ups.

    Access to public transit is only one aspect that must be considered when selecting a suitable location. Other factors without naming them all here include 24 hour access, low radio frequency interference, ample free parking adjacent to the site, access to washrooms or permission to bring in a porta-potty, the ability to prepare food on site, availability of picnic tables, permission to camp overnight and situated far enough away from adjacent neighbours so that they are not disturbed during the night. The current FD site has all of these things, except for the public transit.

    You are welcome to make a positive contribution to the success of this event by finding and getting approval for a suitable location, and we would be happy to change sites.

  3. So you do it again . In the middle of NO WHERE!!!!!!! NO PUBLIC ACCESS!!!! NO PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!!!!! . No thought given to supporting Ham Radio . this event is for people with MEANS!!!!!!. Zero consideration for PUBLIC or people without means Period. In No Way Does these actions support the hobby. i just hope the club has Zero finance involved with this “camping” event . If it was Public and promoting the hobby it wouldn’t be held in the MIDDLE OF NO WHERE Period. “COMMON SENCE HAS BEEN APPLYED TO THIS COMMENT”.

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