2022-06-15 mk’s Word – Up on the Roof!

Well, I just came off the roof. A smart person once told me “If you find yourself asking ‘Can I do another one?’ , it is time to stop.” So I asked, and stopped.

The project is the 160 m loop. The task is lifting patio stones up there to put on the tripods to keep the whole thing in place during the next bit of weather that blows through. With enough ropes and pulleys to rig a small boat, I got two out of three of them up there. Good enough for now, as I only have one tripod up, and it needs more work before it is ready for the loop to go on it. There’s a Stew Perry Topband Challenge this coming weekend, and the loop won’t be nearly ready for it. Maybe by the RAC Canada Winter contest? I’ll try to stick some pictures to this text.

160 m loop tripod
Loop in progress

Last weekend was the ARRL VHF and up contest. I stuck to 6 m CW only and made a few QSOs. Not nearly as many as I would have if I wasn’t on the porch reading when stations were, it seems, rolling in. I came in to refresh my drink and heard what sounded like 20 m coming from upstairs. Back at it in time to hear it go away again. Every contest it seems I find myself afterwards saying “I need a better antenna”. Sound familiar?

If you read enough QSTs and TCAs, you find groups missing Field Day due to some disaster or other. In this town we schedule our emergencies so they don’t fall on the last full rainy weekend in June. It was a busy/lucky Saturday for me, with an exam and a COVID booster to both done and back before the rain hit. Some of you were in the dark longer than others, while some just lost power. Here at the hamshack power just blinked on Saturday, as a tree took the local high voltage feeder onto the road, where it hissed, smoked and sizzled until Sunday when Hydro and the cops decided it would be a good idea to shut it down to free up the road and the police cars blocking it. Power stayed down until late Wednesday night. The generator kept the fridge happy and made ice for the neighbours. I ran it from 7 AM to 9 PM every day, figuring that even people who run their air conditioners all night with the windows open don’t deserve to hear the generator, and the fridge can coast overnight. Lessons learned: Neighbourhood toys add about 20 dB to the noise floor. The generator, even with a line filter adds about 10 dB. Grounding the generator upstream of the filters gets rid of the generator noise.

The above mentioned Field Day is coming up fast again. Beyond the fact that we are back at the Corkery Community Centre, very little else has been nailed down. Hope we get it figured out before the start.

I usually stop doing these notes in the summer, when the Groundwave goes on vacation. With no Groundwave these days, should I continue or not? Let me know what you think. (I suppose some might say I should hang up the keyboard anyway. )
C U @ FD

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  1. Hey Mike
    I certainly enjoy reading your articles, so I would say “yes” to continuing through the summer. But you certainly deserve a break, so if that suits you, so be it. I’ll just have to wait a little longer to read about Field Day shenanigans!

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