2022-09-17 Radio in the Park

September 17, 2022, (times to be confirmed)

RITP 2016

What is RITP?

Radio in the Park (RITP) is an event sponsored by the OARC whose purpose is to demonstrate amateur radio equipment and communications ability to other hams and the general public in an outdoor setting. The OARC has held RITP for many years (under different names!) and we will be posting a history and photos of past RITPs on the RITP information page.

OARC RITP plans for 2022

This year, RITP is scheduled for September 17, 2022. We are awaiting a reservation confirmation from the city before we announce the location and times. Suffice it to say, that it will be in a park in the Ottawa area during daylight hours! If you are a ham, bring your portable station and show it off. If you are NOT a ham, bring the family and learn all about the different forms of radio communications.

If you would like to display your station or need additional information, please email RITP@oarc.net .

This event is subject to change dependent on provincial and municipal COVID-19 restrictions.

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