2022-09-17 Radio in the Park

September 17, 2022, Saturday from 9am to 5pm, rain or shine, at Walter Baker Park in Kanata

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What is RITP?

Radio in the Park (RITP) is an event sponsored by the OARC whose purpose is to demonstrate amateur radio equipment and communications ability to other hams and the general public in an outdoor setting. There is a history and photos of past RITPs on the RITP information page.

OARC RITP plans for 2022

This year, RITP is scheduled for Saturday, September 17, from 9am to 5pm, rain or shine, at Walter Baker Park in Kanata. If you are a ham, bring your portable station and show it off. If you are NOT a ham, bring the family and learn all about the different forms of radio communications.

RITP is now two activities in one: the traditional portable HF operation where hams find a location, set up their own antenna, and operate on battery; and the fox/bunny/transmitter hunt which is organized by Roger VA3EGY and Harrie VE3HYS in which participants bring their own radio direction finding gear, or borrow gear from Roger or Harrie. In the latter activity, participants can expect to traverse the entire park when searching for the fox.

Participants should be self-sufficient. No food or drinks will be provided. We are supposed to be provided with a porta-potty but usually there isn’t one. Washrooms are available in the adjacent arena if it’s open; if not, we use the washrooms in the A&W across Terry Fox Drive.

If you need additional information, please email RITP@oarc.net .

This event is subject to change dependent on provincial and municipal COVID-19 restrictions.

Photos from RITP 2022

These photos were uploaded by Greg VE3YTZ.

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One thought on “2022-09-17 Radio in the Park

  1. This will be More informative to the Public then Fieldday was . fieldday was held 6klm from any Public Bus Stops . the Public had Zero way of knowing Fieldday even exists .wow . I will show up for this as it is ACCESSIBLE!!!!! to EVERYONE! . this i stand behind . fieldday is a privet Circle of people Camping and wish not to be bothered by the public “i was told this by a participating ham operator” “what if we don’t want to be found” on that note RITP is the better choice to promote the Hobby Period

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