2024-09-07 OARC (Carp) Hamfest

Annual OARC Hamfest, September 07, 2024

Hamfest 2023 photo courtesy VE3MKX

About the OARC Hamfest

The annual OARC Hamfest is the region’s largest fleamarket and hamfest. All of the big ham radio retailers are going to be there! Dozens of fellow hams will set up tables loaded with radio goodies at unbelievable prices. There will also be major doorprize draws.

To learn more about the OARC Hamfest, please see the Hamfest information page. It has links to past Hamfest descriptions and photos and gives a quick summary of OARC Hamfest history. But for the 2024 Hamfest, keep reading!

Location, times, and dates

  • Venue setup date and time:
    Friday, September 06, 2024 at a 14:00. We need volunteers to help set up!
    NOTE that this is setup for the infrastructure, NOT for vendors.

  • Hamfest date and start times:
    Saturday, September 07, 2024
    Commercial vendor setup: 7:30 am
    Private vendor and exhibitor setup: 8 am
    Open to public: 9 am – noon
    Teardown after noon.
    We need volunteers to help before, during, and after the hamfest!

  • Cost:
    Parking: FREE!
    Admission: $6 per person. Children 12 and under are free.
    Private vendor tables: $17 per 8-foot table (does NOT include admission fee)
    Commercial vendor and exhibitor tables as negotiated.
    Please book tables early to reserve your preferred table location!

Facilities and services

  • Coffee and snack concession in the lobby area.

  • Exhibitors and volunteer organizations including RAC, ARES, QCWA, etc.
  • On-site amateur radio licence exams. Get your licence, or upgrade during the hamfest!
    NOTE: if you are upgrading, bring the 11-digit certificate number on your licence to speed processing.
  • All vendor tables are 8 feet long. That’s 33% more space than most hamfests!
  • Free parking!

Commercial vendors

In 2023, the following commercial vendors confirmed their attendance. We hope they will all return in 2024!

Door prizes!

The hamfest features several great door prizes donated by the commercial vendors.

Need more info? Want to reserve a table?

For INFO ONLY contact Ed VE3WGO via hamfest@oarc.net .

Pay by cash at the door when you arrive!

Can you volunteer to help out?

We need volunteers to help before, during, and after the hamfest!

Things to do after the Hamfest

We are located right next door to the famous Carp Farmers’ Market, and just minutes away from the Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum. Come to Ottawa and enjoy your visit!

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