2022-05-15 mk’s Word – QSO parties and more

What a difference a month makes this time of year.
Leaves on trees, no snow and daylight after supper.

The bike is on the road and the crud is off it. While out on the bike before yet another outdoor exam, I found another potential spot along the Rideau to play radio. It turns out the candidate already had eyes on the area for the same purpose. He has the advantage of living within a slingshot distance of the place.

The radio and I have added a bunch more contacts in the log from the prairie provinces. During the QSO Party the pickings were so slim on CW, that I also hooked up the microphone. I can’t imagine doing that for any length of time. I know there are voice keyers out there, but they don’t help with trying to inhale all that bandwidth for a sideband signal. After all this time it still takes me a while to tune the rig so the voice coming out of it sounds vaguely intelligible.

When I was taking a break from the CPQP (Canadian Prairie Qso Party) I was in the kitchen, with the scanner on the fridge staring at 146.52. I heard a strong signal from a N2 portable VE3 doing parks on the air. It turns out he was across the farm from me, so I gave him a quick report. After hearing so many of his unanswered calls, I was sorely tempted to ride over and lend him a HF rig and antenna, but decided 20 metres needed me more. It turns out he just made his 10 QSOs to make it an official POTA activation.

Coming up are all those yummy summer things, the WPX, June VHF and Field Day. YTZ is already looking at putting together the Field Day pieces and trying to answer the tough questions, like 1A or 2A, and what’s for supper. It looks like we have the site at the Corkery community centre again, and we all know how much fun that can be, once you get there.

Tomorrow should have just enough rain to keep the neighbours from looking out their windows as I play on the roof trying to get the 160 m loop project moved forward a bit. If not, well, those leaves I mentioned at the top should be bigger by then.


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  1. Mike, it’s great to have you with your fingers at the keyboard once again. With the suspension of the publication of the Groundwave, I missed your musings about amateur radio and life in general.

    I love your articles, it’s always a must-read!



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