2022-10-12 John Portune W6NBC – Magnetic Loop Antennas

Zoom Meeting on Wednesday, October 12, 2022 @ 7:30 PM ET

John Portune W6NBC

Meeting details

John Portune W6NBC returns for a third time to the OARC to to talk about Magnetic Loop Antennas. John is an amateur with over 25 articles published under his name. Following his presentations to the OARC in March 2022, “Foil tape antenna building”, and May 2022, “Moxon antennas“, there were more requests to have John return, and he has kindly agreed to speak to us again. Thanks, John!


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Special meeting note!

The City of Ottawa is using the room that the OARC normally rents for in-person meetings for municipal election activities. As a result the OARC meetings for September and October 2022 will be held using Zoom. The City has also temporarily suspended activities held in their facilities after 5 pm. It is unknown if that restriction will remain in effect in November and beyond.

Missed the original presentation?

Many presenters allow us to record the meeting or reproduce their slides. Many thanks to them!

The recorded Zoom presentation is posted below. The slide presentation PDF is below the video.

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